Making magic from data with Grace Kite

Magic Numbers

By Steve Boehler with special guest Dr. Grace Kite How can marketers and their agencies use data to better serve their businesses? One key foundation of successful modern marketing is a deep knowledge of data and how to make data science better serve our understanding of customers, competitors and markets. Yet few marketers are well […]

Gini Dietrich & the PESO Model, 2024

Gini Dietrich & the PESO Model, 2024

By Steve Boehler with special guest Gini Dietrich Paid. Earned. Shared. Owned. Today, the idea of a holistic strategy guiding these different approaches is becoming more common by the day. However, it was not always that way. This thinking is less than twenty years old; basically a teenager! PR pro Gini Dietrich is one of […]

The client-agency effectiveness checklist

The client-agency effectiveness checklist

How can clients and agencies know they are ready for a great year together? We’ve written about the 3P’s that lead to effective client-agency relationships. The people need to be committed to the relationship and trained in all the skills needed to deliver great work that builds the business. Effective marketing and agency work needs […]

Year-end gifts clients & agencies really want from each other

Year End Gifts

The end of the year is just round the corner and last-minute shopping will pick up steam every day. Clients and agencies will often treat their partners to year end gifts large and small. It’s a lovely idea. But what do clients and agencies really need and want from each other? Here’s a list of […]

Dan White & powerful marketing visuals

The Marketing Mix Eye

By Steve Boehler with special guest Dan White If you are a marketer and you don’t know who Dan White is, you probably know his visuals. Dan White is a business innovator that expresses important, complex marketing theories in simple to digest, beautiful graphics. His ideas, frameworks and visualizations have influenced generations of marketing and […]

Leading effective client/agency relationships: the 3P’s


Client/agency relationships only last if both parties succeed. Of course, it was much easier to write that sentence than for clients and agencies to achieve success in real life. Maintaining a highly effective marketing & agency relationship these days requires skills, expertise, and approaches that cover many areas. A way to simplify this long but […]

Turn your team into problem solvers with 7 questions


How do you train your people to be better problem solvers? We often hear from leaders that they wish their people would come prepared with recommendations instead of challenges. When that happens, they pass the buck to leadership to solve, think of a solution for them to execute, or for on-the-spot training. There has to […]

Ditch the Pitch, or Win the Pitch?


A recent report on pitch practices in the US suggested that agency pitches could cost over $1 million. Many in the industry jumped on that news and railed against pitching. The topic of pitches seems to be an easy way to bring out the pitch forks and torches! Pitching CAN be expensive. Some pitches ARE […]

Marketers’ and Agency leaders’ best advice to their 30-year-old selves


Senior leadership and younger staff can have a very different view of the world. Execs early in their career often want to make their mark and can be nervous about proving their worth. Successful senior execs often have learned they are worthy and don’t need to prove it. They have learned what they need to […]