How OKRP Won Burger King

all hail the whopper

By Steve Boehler with OKRP CSO Nate Swift Burger King. An iconic brand. Over 7,000 restaurants in over 3,000 United States cities. A brand supported by a rich history of agencies like Crispin Porter & Bogusky, BBDO, McCann, Y&R, JWT, DMB&B, N.W. Ayer, Lowe Lintas & Partners, Ogilvy, Saatchi & Saatchi and McGarryBowen. Along with […]

Marketing leader tips on prepping for an unpredictable 2023


What an end to a crazy year! With a truly bizarre 2022 wrapping up, CMOs and marketers everywhere are looking ahead to 2023. And the road ahead is full of unknowns. What can marketers do to hit the ground running and be ready for the unknowns that 2023 will bring? Here are three key tips […]

Agency leaders should sign The Project 47 Pledge (& this should matter to CMOs)

Project 47 Pledge

Our good friend Alan Brown of the fine small agency DNA recently shared this story with us over coffee: a recent industry survey was suggesting that an exceedingly small percentage of agency employees were self-identifying as LGBTQ+. We were terribly surprised by the data. It just didn’t seem to fit in the bubble we were […]

Getting it Write: The Art of Written Agency Proposals that Win

hand writing

Your agency has advanced in discussions with a prospective client far enough that it is time to deliver a written proposal. This may or may not be the final step; there may be presentations after the written proposal or there may simply be a Q&A discussion and perhaps some negotiation. Regardless, when it comes time […]

CMOs: How to Get the Best from Your Agency (with FIG’s Judith Carr-Rodriguez)

FIG’s Judith Carr-Rodriguez By Steve Boehler with special guest Judith Carr-Rodriguez It seems like every day there is an even greater emphasis on a company’s return on marketing and advertising investment than the day before. CMOs are under intense pressure to deliver better results and they expect even greater productivity from their agencies for less […]

How to Run a Modern Agency Review in a Few Quick Sprints

Time for Review

Every year there are hundreds of agency selection processes in our industry. Earlier this year we shared the principles that guide our agency review process. We developed these principles with an eye towards effectiveness on behalf of our clients and respect for agencies. However, while we run a sizeable number of reviews and are a […]

Balancing Brand & Performance Marketing Investment with Marketing Star Doug Brames

There is a large and growing body of evidence that the best long-term results are achieved via a balance of both longer-term brand impacts and shorter-term performance efforts. Much has been written on the topic, and many experts have shared their research and philosophies. From Byron Sharp’s books to Peter Field’s and Les Binet’s research […]

It pays for agencies and marketers to be gracious

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One of the most endearing qualities in business is the ability to be gracious. This is especially true when things don’t go our way. It’s an attractive quality and it pays dividends in our work and relationships. At a recent agency conference, a presenter declared that agencies pitching new business should not say “thank you […]