Agencies: Please don’t lead with your tools

Agencies: Please don’t lead with your tools

We review numerous agency presentations annually, and we consider it a great privilege to witness the expertise of talented individuals discussing the clients we hold dear. There are, however, occasional missteps that hinder the potential bond between the agency and the prospective client.  One prevalent issue is when agencies devote an excessive amount of pitch […]

5 Strategies for Successfully Navigating Client-Agency Partnerships in 2024


In the dynamic realm of marketing and advertising, where creativity and innovation set the stage, the client-agency relationship emerges as a driving force. As you gaze into the boundless possibilities of 2024, brace yourself for a journey filled with collaboration and triumph. Fasten your seatbelt, for this voyage promises both excitement and reward! Here, we […]

Mastering Client/Agency Relationships


The strength and transparency of your relationships with agencies can significantly affect the efficiency, effectiveness, and overall quality of your deliverables. In today’s intricate business landscape, where collaboration often spans across multiple partners, the ability to foster strong and transparent relationships is paramount. The success of any project, campaign, or initiative hinges not only on […]

Tips for Marketers & Agencies: Mastering the Pitch Q&A


An agency review is underway, and it is now time for a Q&A session for the agency with the prospect’s marketers. This is an important moment for both parties! The client gets to see how the agency team handles themselves and has a chance to hear the quality of the questions asked by the agency. […]

How to onboard your new agency for greater success

MIG Guide

The meetings have wrapped up, the SOW has been negotiated and the client and their brand-new agency are eager to start work. The review process has concluded and now they are in a rush as the client’s timeline is already strained. New work needs to be on air as soon as possible. What happens next […]

RFIs Matter!

Many agencies dislike the RFI step that often occurs in agency search processes. At this year’s AdAge Small Agency of the Year Conference, one presenter went as far as to suggest that an RFI (Request for Information) should be a “red flag” to agencies. That same presenter claimed that clients don’t even read agencies’ RFI […]

CMO Guide to High-Quality Creative Feedback

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve covered how to evaluate creative and how to structure creative review sessions that are productive and inspiring. But how do you actually deliver creative feedback that leads to better work and better relationships? In this post, we’ll share the Mercer Island Group approach to delivering high-quality feedback, and several […]

5 Questions About CMOs & Agencies with FIG’s Mark Figliulo

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Mark Figliulo is not only one of the world’s most decorated and accomplished creatives, but he is also as thoughtful and strategic as any creative leader I’ve ever known. With the pace of CMO changes having accelerated this past year, Mark graciously answered several questions from the Mercer Island Group team. What is going on […]

Strategic S̶e̶l̶l̶i̶n̶g̶ Dating for Agencies

“I hate selling.” I hear that so often from agency owners and agency leaders. I especially hear it from junior agency staffers. I think the key to moving away from “I hate selling” is to move to “I love helping others succeed.” As I think about agency success, it’s my experience that the most successful […]

Jeff Goodby on Art Serving Capitalism

Art Serving Capitalism

Jeff Goodby needs very little introduction! Jeff wrote for the Harvard Lampoon before working with Hal Riney at Ogilvy & Mather. Jeff and his friend Rich Silverstein started GS&P in 1983. Since then, the two have won just about every advertising award imaginable. And yes, Jeff was the guy who originally wrote “got milk?” Jeff […]