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Tips for Marketers & Agencies: Mastering the Pitch Q&A

Tips for Marketers & Agencies: Mastering the Pitch Q&A


An agency review is underway, and it is now time for a Q&A session for the agency with the prospect’s marketers.

This is an important moment for both parties!

The client gets to see how the agency team handles themselves and has a chance to hear the quality of the questions asked by the agency. The agency has an opportunity to gather critical information that can shape how they arrive at the most compelling recommendations.

Many clients and agencies consider this step a perfunctory and almost administrative effort. That is a mistake. The right approach to a Q&A can help a client better understand the quality of the agency team’s thinking and can help the agency team stand out.

How can marketers and agencies set themselves up for success?

Clients and agencies should approach the Q&A as a critical step in the process.
The Q&A session is a high leverage touchpoint for both the client and the agency. It should be treated as such – it’s a key opportunity for each party to put their best foot forward.
Tips for Clients

Marketers are best served if all the agencies vying for the business do their absolute best. The marketer should want to see the agencies at their best! A well-designed Q&A session can help.

Some guidelines and tips:

Tips for Agencies

Treat the Q&A as an important step in the review. Use this precious time with the client to highlight the agency’s strategic skills and expertise by asking really smart questions. Agencies that come prepared and ask important questions about the brand and its business and marketing will impress the client.

Some guidelines and tips:

Remember that the Q&A session is not only about the questions and answers but is also about building a strong client and agency relationship. It’s an opportunity to connect with your prospective partner and establish trust, setting the foundation for a successful partnership.

Robin Boehler is a co-founder of Mercer Island Group. Robin has managed hundreds of agency searches and relationships for businesses of all sizes and types, like Ahold Delhaize, Starbucks, American Century Investments, PEMCO Insurance, PetSmart, Seabourn, Avis Budget Group, Sargento, Ulta Beauty, and dozens of other blue-chip firms. She also has consulted with a wide array of agencies including Digitas, W&K, GS&P, Havas, Cactus, DNA, and many others. Robin is a frequent speaker, having presented and keynoted at events sponsored by the BMA, the 4As, AMI, and others.