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We’re All In This Together: How Agencies Can Help Their Clients Weather Covid-19

We’re All In This Together: How Agencies Can Help Their Clients Weather Covid-19


By: Steve Boehler & Matt Driscoll

“Every brand is now in the business of public service.”
– Ed Cotton, Creative Strategist

Many companies are adapting their products, services and communications to be helpful to their communities as we await sunnier days ahead.  Some manufacturers have retooled to produce medical supplies, restaurants are offering free meals and delivery service, and banks are deferring loan payments. Agencies are getting into the act by sharing helpful content and advice with their clients and the broader community. These are thoughtful, appropriate responses to the Covid-19 crisis. 

At Mercer Island Group, our belief is straightforward: if brands and agencies want to live the notion of “we’re all in this together”, they should provide service that is helpful. Clients face difficult decisions and unique business needs right now. To be helpful, agencies should help clients and communities with their business needs in a manner that is thoughtful and considerate of their emotional needs. 

We have collected some good examples of agencies doing just that – helping their clients and communities with important business needs. These firms are providing help in a sensitive and respectful manner that is considerate of their audiences’ emotional needs. You will find examples of content that agencies have been sharing with their clients and the broader marketing community below. Feel free to use this advice yourselves, and with your clients as you see fit. We also suggest that you create your own advice and share it with your clients, communities and other agencies. 

360i – The Only Constant Is Change

360i has assembled a guide for clients, helping ground their clients with facts regarding Covid-19’s impact. They reviewed a ton of data and highlighted key implications. They also mapped out how people and life are most likely to be impacted over the next 3, 6 and 9 months and provided suggestions for how clients can better plan next steps and engage with customers. You’ll find the 360i materials here.

McCann – Efficient Production During The Pandemic

Many production companies in the US are shuttered for now. Producing content in the time of social distancing is a huge challenge. McCann identified alternative ways of producing content and assembled best practices with examples from which clients and agencies can draw inspiration. They shared all of this knowledge publicly in this helpful report.

Harmelin – Covid-19 Media Planning Resources

Harmelin, an independent media agency in Philadephia, has been is collecting articles, research and resources, organized them by industry and are continually updating the resources on their site. The report is not behind a paywall or password protected. This information helps the reader – any reader – to make informed decisions regarding marketing and media. 

McCann – Marketing in the Times of Coronavirus

McCann also shared learning from areas impacted early by Covid-19. Their research underscores the need for social responsibility and dives into the mindset of the consumer. In addition, it provides actionable research that brands can activate on today. 

Here are even more links:

Engine Group – Covid-19 Pulse of the Consumer 

PwC – Covid-19 Navigator

Barkley Covid-19 POV – Being a Useful Brand During Covid-19 

It’s Your Turn

Clients are nervous, and agencies can help. Share your thinking, resources and assistance. Help them navigate this crisis and everyone will win. We’re happy to talk with any agency that has questions about how to navigate through this crazy time – feel free to email us or call us anytime. 

We’re all in this together.