Marketing & Sales Effectiveness

Part of what we do for business as we guide them through the tide of their success is to evaluate how effective marketing and sales efforts are. Are they efficient? Are they stagnating? What needs to change in order to win back lost customers?

Define what ‘effective’ means to you & your business.

That definition is different for every client and varies from year to year.

Is effective simply greater profits? Is effective adding a larger customer base? Is it simply raising company awareness in a particular demographic previously untapped?

These are all great questions which we will answer as we determine sales effectiveness.

Before we can answer them, we’ll need to do some leg work together first by answering these questions first: ​

Sales Team Activities

We will help you determine a benchmark of your sales team to have a starting point moving forward to mark progress and improvement.

Sales Cycles

By determining the sales pipeline of your business, we can help to identify potential problems with delayed sales.

Customer Response Times

Helping your business identify average customer response times will help to better target product releases and potential customer reception.

Customer Acquisition

This is an easy metric we can provide to help determine how well sales staff are performing.

Revenue Growth

We work tirelessly with your sales staff to ensure sustainability in an everchanging marketplace.

Customer Attrition

Just as it is important for us to help you track new customer acquisition, customer attrition is equally important to determine what improvements can be made to improve customer retention.

How We Can Help

By determining the effectiveness of your sales team, we can help improve and widen your sales reach. With us, it is all about sustainability and improvement for you sales team and your bottom line.

Marketing planning & workflow processes

Resource prioritization

Capacity planning

Marketing & sales skill training

Creative evaluation & feedback training

Marketing briefing training

Process optimization

Strategic facilitation services

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