The Prospect-Centric RFI

Last week we discussed how important it is to write a fantastic RFI if you want to successfully move through a competitive review. We discussed how most clients read the RFI responses and the RFI responses help determine which agencies advance to the coveted finalist list. Despite the importance of having a well-crafted and compelling […]

RFIs Matter!

Many agencies dislike the RFI step that often occurs in agency search processes. At this year’s AdAge Small Agency of the Year Conference, one presenter went as far as to suggest that an RFI (Request for Information) should be a “red flag” to agencies. That same presenter claimed that clients don’t even read agencies’ RFI […]

Tips for Creating Long Term Client-Agency Relationships

Business development is often looked at as the acquisition of new clients. However, an agency’s most important clients are the ones you already serve. Agencies should focus, now more than ever, on creating a relationship and experience that places their current clients as the highest priority. Good client service is simply good business. Satisfied clients […]

A Quick Guide to Killer Agency Content from Baseball’s Best Blogger

A Quick Guide to Killer Agency Content from Baseball’s Best Blogger

There is much that agencies can learn from baseball. Talent matters. You need a balanced roster. There are more contenders than winners. Only one team can win the (pitch) tournament. And content matters. Great content connects you with your key audiences. It gives people a reason to pay attention. And in a world with so […]

4 Efforts to Drive Organic Agency Growth

The calendar has turned over to the second half of quite an eventful year. The current economic outlook can seem frightening. Agencies are facing a number of headwinds as inflation is dampening corporate spirits (and spending) and consumers are on edge. The world is a bit of a mess right now with Covid, war and […]

The CMO Mid-Year Review Checklist: Leading an Effective Agency Roster

It’s early July and half the year flew by. CMOs everywhere are taking stock of where their business sits vis-à-vis forecast and their promises to the remainder of the C-suite. If things are going well, they want to maintain momentum. If things aren’t on track, there is a growing urgency to get back on track. […]

Principles to govern a respectful, effective agency review

Year in and year out, roughly a third of marketers expect to change agencies. The result is hundreds of agency selection processes. About a quarter, mostly the largest, are run by consultants. The rest – the majority – are run by the clients. Some are managed by procurement and the rest by the marketers themselves. […]

A CMO tip: your agencies have a secret advantage for you

We’ve discussed many times how the modern day CMO job is one of the hardest and most demanding jobs in the history of business. There’s so much going on. Marketing and advertising technology is changing every minute. The consumer is constantly changing as the world around them evolves and they are forced to deal with […]

CMOs can learn from P&G Brand Management’s “What Counts” factors

Recently I wrote about having come across a fantastic one-page document: The Ten Commandments of Leadership. It was from the early 1980’s, early in my tenure at Procter & Gamble. That post generated a great deal of positive feedback, with ample praise as well as suggestions on how the list could be modernized. You can […]