Watch the 2023 Super Bowl ads like a CMO

Super Bowl

In the run up to last year’s Super Bowl, we wrote about many of the basic approaches that marketers use to evaluate advertising during the biggest advertising event in the world. With this year’s annual advertising (and football) celebration just days away, we thought it would be fun to share some additional advertising principles that […]

How to onboard your new agency for greater success

MIG Guide

The meetings have wrapped up, the SOW has been negotiated and the client and their brand-new agency are eager to start work. The review process has concluded and now they are in a rush as the client’s timeline is already strained. New work needs to be on air as soon as possible. What happens next […]

Winning With a Template

sketch of blueprints on globe

How to Write an RFI Response Without Starting From Scratch In any new business opportunity, putting your agency’s best foot forward is a balancing act of time and resources. Devoting the time and effort it takes to win can be a challenge, particularly for smaller agencies that don’t have a dedicated person in the new […]

CMO Checklist for Better Agency Results

CMO checklist

Great strategy is only great if it is executed well. PowerPoint, Word documents and board room discussions don’t build awareness or connect your product and services with the target audience across their buying journey or close any sales. Great strategy is only great if it is executed with distinction. The work is what works. The […]

Google’s Kevin Babcock: Advice for 2023

2023 Tips Google

By Stephen Boehler with Google’s Kevin Babcock How can marketers and agencies make the most of the year ahead? No organization on the planet has more data than Google, and Google’s offerings represent a staple for most modern marketers and their budgets. And Google’s main offering – Search – represents just a fraction of the […]

Yearend reading for Marketers and Agency execs

Best Content

By Stephen Boehler & the team at MIG It’s been an eventful year for the team at Mercer Island Group! We’ve shared a great deal of content aimed at helping marketers be better marketers, agencies be better agencies and how the two can succeed together. We’ve captured advice for 2023 from Yahoo SVP Jen Whelan, […]

Cover Letters that Win


Written proposals! They can be the bane of an agency’s existence. If only prospective clients knew how much time and effort agencies put into these babies. The sad truth is that they have no idea. In fact, and it pains me to share this, in our experience many clients don’t even read them all the […]

How to kick off a more persuasive agency pitch


Most agencies kick off their pitches – and spend the first 20-30 minutes – talking about themselves. Perhaps they are sharing a history of the agency, or their capabilities or a case study. The agency team is proud of their agency’s success, client list and capabilities. And those agencies may be losing their audience from […]

2023 Advice from Yahoo SVP Jen Whelan


We’re leaving behind a crazy year and need to turn our attention to a new year with both new and continuing challenges. What should we be focused on as marketers as we approach the new year? To answer that question, we spent time with our friend (and Yahoo SVP Marketing) Jen Whelan. It’s hard to […]