Zillow Marketing Workflow

Zillow Marketing Workflow

Training a Real Estate Leader on Marketing Excellence

Remodeling a Brand


Zillow logoZillow was in a state of transformation, shifting from a website where people looked up house estimates to an end-to-end partner in the home buying and renting process. To support this consumer-centric shift, Mercer Island Group helped the company select new advertising and digital agencies. After the fact, what the company still lacked was an efficient way for their agency partners to contribute to these new marketing strategies and get Zillow’s brand and creative messaging out into the world. Zillow needed a better, more integrated workflow for their marketing efforts to have the maximum impact. They needed new, repeatable processes in place that would ensure a successful transformation, as well as recognition by (and results in!) the marketplace.

Examining the Foundation


Interviews across client and agency stakeholders revealed some massive gaps in the old marketing workflows. Mixed signals, a lack of formalized steps in the process, and uneven institutional knowledge of how to evaluate and give feedback on creative were leading to inefficiencies that got in the way of some truly great creative output that was being produced.

A New Framework


Zillow needed an effective, integrated workflow for crystalizing and communicating their business goals to their agency partners, and then for capitalizing on the knowledge, support, and creative ideation that came back.

Building Long-term Efficiency


Working with the core marketing team at Zilllow and their agency partners, MIG uncovered key areas of opportunity within current workflows. We examined the old way of working, highlighted anything that was critical to keep, threw out what didn’t, and developed a foundational process – from project initiation to briefing to creative reviews, and eventually work in-market – that could serve every level of the marketing team (and their agencies) for years to come.

Open House


The resulting improvements in the workflow reduced the number of review rounds, increased efficiency, and provided Zillow’s agencies more time and direction to develop the kind of inspiring and impactful creative the brand needed to share their transformation with the world.