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At Mercer Island Group, we understand that finding the right agency partner is crucial for your business success. That's why we offer a comprehensive agency review service to help you find the perfect match. Over the last 30 years, we have run countless agency reviews for clients like Microsoft, Sprint, Ulta Beauty, Zillow Group, Discover Card, Food Lion, Barre3, and many others in just about every category.

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Are you searching for an agency that can help your business achieve its goals?

Partnering with the right agency can improve business performance, better plans, creativity, and cost savings. However, the process of selecting the right agency can be challenging, especially when there are thousands of agencies to choose from.

The Mercer Island Group agency review process is designed to help businesses identify, assess, and select the marketing or advertising agency that can best meet their needs. We objectively evaluate an agency’s capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses, ensuring that your selection is based on informed decisions, rather than subjective opinions or personal connections.

Key features of our agency review process include:

  • Comprehensive evaluation process: Our process is designed to evaluate an agency’s capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses objectively.
  • Customized solutions: We tailor our process to your unique needs and goals.
  • Expert guidance: Our team of industry experts provides guidance throughout the process.
  • Cost savings: Our agency reviews typically save clients 5-10% on agency fees.
  • Improved agency performance: Our feedback during the review process can help the agency improve its performance and address any areas where it may be falling short.

The Mercer Island Group Process

Our review process is customized for each of our clients, but we typically use a framework that has been highly successful for dozens of clients.

Stakeholder Interviews

Needs Assessment

Industry Research

RFI Stage - Write, Distribute & Grade

RFP (typically 4 finalists)

Briefing, Q&A & Tissue Session

MSA Reviews, Economic Proposals & References

Finalist Presentations

Follow-up Calls & Agency Visits

Negotiation & Selection

Our Committment

Our commitment to our clients, agencies and our industry:

We will represent our client in a manner that reflects well on them and the industry.
We will never charge an agency to be in our database, our newsletters or to participate in a review.
We will respect the agencies’ work, IP, and confidentiality.
We are readily available to participating agencies during a review and strive to answer their questions in a timely fashion.
We deliver consolidated tissue/strategy session feedback to participating agencies within 24 hours.
We provide participating agencies with feedback and improvement suggestions after the review.
We will never invite an agency into a review to “fill out a field”. If an agency is invited, they have a fair playing field.
We will never run a review when the winner is predetermined.
We only invite a reasonable and respectful number of agencies to RFI processes and RFP efforts.
We continuously research the agency marketplace to be sure we are aware of and familiar with as many agencies as possible. This is good for both our clients and agencies.


The Company We Keep

We support companies ranging from global Fortune 100s to midsize firms and startups. We dive deep, providing an effective examination of business strategy, infrastructure, partner relationships and workflow processes to drive success. Our success rate is extraordinary; many of our client relationships have remained strong after 10, 15 or even 20 years, like those with Microsoft, Sprint and Starbucks.


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